Monday, September 19, 2016

Friday 16th September, 2016 - Keswick

Our BnB (Cumbria House) is superb - we both had a great sleep and down for breakfast at 8 am (as is usual for us).  
We spent some time sorting out cases and leaflets that we have collected over the previous weeks.  Some serious biffing to the bin followed.  Good job done:) 

We had a walk along the cobbled pedestrian area, lots of folk about, lots of dogs too; this is a popular area for walking and tramping, walking poles seem to be a popular accessory for both young and old.  Had lunch sitting outside, there are dogs everywhere and allowed in cafes and bars. We had to be alert as the places put out water bowls for the pooches.

After lunch we went on a tiki, a route that Gordon had suggested to us yesterday.  Thoroughly enjoyed the experience, a passing shower made it a bit gloomy for a while.  We headed for the hills over a pass, magnificent views at the top.  Doug spied a waterfall and suggested a walk.  That we did, following a goat track about three quarters up.  It then became a scramble, that's when we decided enough was enough and descended back to the car.  A different breed of sheep here, recently been shorn.

We had made arrangements earlier to meet Wendy and Ann for dinner, they chose a Tapas place, we sat out the back where the light was better (old & blind) and enjoyed the food and chatting with them both.  Lovely and friendly ladies.  

Not a late night, as we knew we would meet up with both of them tomorrow at the Blip meet which has been arranged for us.

Wendy (left) and Ann 

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Meg Lipscombe said...

You really are having a "blipping" good holiday!