Friday, November 28, 2008

Townsville, Queensland, Australia - October, 2008

Kaylene & Aidan’s 1st home, built this year in
Dumbella Steet in the suberb of Derrragan,
on the outskirts of Townsville,
on the main road north.
– they moved in September & we arrived two weeks later
(when all the hard work was done!!)
The subdivision is being built in stages,
when we visited they were the only people
in their street.

They have a large covered outdoor area,
with fans to help circulate the air.
The summer temperatures are always in the
mid 30 degrees or higher with high humidity as well.

The interior of their home is just lovely -
four bedrooms, open plan living all done
out in cool colours. The living area floors are
tiled, but carpet is used in the bedrooms

(Who is that taking a snooze on the Ottaman?)

The two photo’s below were taken at sunset
in the unfinished subdivision
after a bushfire nearby.

This tree is in the unfinished subdivision......

The Ross River runs through Townsville, and is
dammed upstream to supply water to the city.

A beautiful river, with walkways meandering alongside it.
In season the water lilies are awesome,

(they were just opening when we were there),
But always, the turtles can been cute.....

We were taken up the coast to Port Hinchington
for lunch at the Marina there,

And visited the Aquarium in Townsville,
both well worth a visit.....

Aidan & Kaylene have a great outdoor area –
our friends, Aileen & Terry called in on their
way from Port Douglas to Airlee Beach.

Aidan cooked a scrummy BBQ breakfast for us all.

Aidan is also a master at making Margaritas.......

....and a non alcholic one for Doug :(

The Strand, the beach area of
Townsville, a place that has many
Restaurants, cafes, accommodation,
children play areas, swimming pool & lovely beaches
– a very pleasant area to visit.
Situated behind this area is Castle Rock,
where a superb view of Townsville can be seen.

Aidan & Kaylene took us to a rainforest about an hours
drive north & inland from Townsville, the weather,
once we arrived there was very misty,
we were in the clouds. We took a walk through
the forest to a lookout – on a clear day a lovely
view to the coast can be seen, not today though.

Kaylene & Aidan walking the track ......

Looking upwards......

Misty.....buttress roots (below)

On our drive out of the rainforest we stopped at this
very old bridge.....while we were poking around
under the bridge & around the pools

Doug found this snake, approx a metre long -
much excitement, but cautiously
viewed from a distance!! However, he didn’t
take any notice of us, and slithered away.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Physical Health Centre Spring Party, September, 2008

My work place, The Physical Health Centre, love theme parties.
Our Spring Party's theme was
"Richman, Poorman, Beggarman, Thief".
The majority dressed as a Poorman or Beggarman -
however, there were two Thieves, and four Richman.

Doug made a fine Henry Higgins (My Fair Lady)

Henry Higgins with his "My Fair Lady" - Lorraine as Eliza Doolittle

Brid (Irish Physio, as a Poorman/Beggarman)
& Nathan (Podiatrist, as rich Hugh Hefna) doing the Toffeepop Challenge

Rhiannan (Welsh physio, as a beggarman)
take a look at her sign hanging from her neck.

Above: Louise (Podiatrist, she would have to be a Thief I guess) - spot the cat.

Below: Rachael & Toastie (Physio, Boss & Centre's mascot, Poorman I suppose)
Below: Toffeepop Challenge - its not as hard as it looks

Lorraine & Brid

Rach (now out of her sleeping bag) with Suzanne & Allan (very very rich!!)....

Below: Hugh, Eliza & Thief (Clare)

Louise, Lorraine & BridThe beggars.....Brid counting her money (actually bottle tops!!)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Focus Trip to Catlins - November, 2008

Native Bush........

Yellow eyed penguin.....

& many stunning waterfalls.

Never before have I been able to photograph a milky waterfall, the benefit of being with a group of knowledgable photographers
This group of 19 photographers from Focus Aorangi with husbands/wives travelled south to The Catlin's on Thursday & returning on Sunday. The weather was a little disappointing, with relentless very strong southerly winds and squally showers - however, all had adequate clothing to layer up or down when necessary. The weather did not deter any of us from venturing out and hundred & hundreds of images were recorded, and hundreds deleted I suspect!!?

Sunrise at Pounawea, a lovely part of The Catlins -
the area where we stayed.

This is the closest we came to a sunrise...not great but best we had!!

The "A" team - The kitchen crew for Saturday night dinner,

-John Freebourn, Lindsay Willoughby, Jenny Talbot,
Lorraine & Doug Gibb, Alice & Rob Dupont.

Camp Mum & Dad..Norma Bartrum & Murray Birch

A bonus to see a woodpidgeon

With the help of Alice I tried & loved creative photography,

More creative stuff!!!

Oophs! sorry!

This is meant to be rotated left

Alice, Jill & Yvonne -
leaving the beach to head into the sand
dunes (Sea lion country!!)

Initially, there was a bit of hunt for the Sea Lions, but we found plenty after walking the beaches. Certainly not the most friendly beach inhabitants as some of our group well know!!

Kelp & wind - (plenty of both) - are the two ingredients
that help to form some amazing sand patterns......

Kelp swept up on the beach

Wonderful bush walks, with plenty of macro
photography opportunities.

The rugged coastline taken from The Nuggets

Early rise this morning (5am), ever hopeful of capturing a
sunrise, however this was not to be.

How lucky we were when travelling towards The Nuggets,
to see two Yellow Eyed Penguins on the road.

Rugged coastline with beautiful beaches......

.....these quaint cribs adorn the coastline